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تبقى المعلومة هي الأهم ولكن كيف نحصل عليها؟

من المهم ان تحيط ببواطن الامور وظواهرها في مجال عملك اذا كنت تريد النجاح فيما تفعل. فمن يمتلك المعلومة يمتلك القدرة علي الاستمرار.

نستعرض فيما يلي اهم المصادر والادوات التي يمكنها ان تساعدك علي ايجاد ما تحتاج من معلومات حول العملاء والمنافسين

أولا: اللجوء الي المتخصصين

يمكنك أن تطلب من المتخصصين ذوي الخبرة في هذا المجال إجراء بحث لك وتقديم المعلومات التي تحتاجها وبوجد نوعين من المتخصصين


والتي يمكنك زيارتها او الاتصال بها للمساعدة في الحصول علي ما تريد من بيانات


Brand vision


AC Neilson

المنصات الالكترونية

والتي تقوم بالاتصال بها عن طريق الانترنت وارسال قائمة بالبيانات المطلوبة




 (Online Research) ثانيا: استخدام الانترنت

هناك العديد من الادوات المساعدة في جمع البيانات عبر الانترنت ومن اشهرها:

Facebook Audience Insights

تساعدك في معرفة  اهتمامات مستخدمي الفيسبوك. فمثلا اذا كنت تبحث عن معلومات عن التجارة الالكترونية. بمجرد كتبتها في حقل البحث الخاص الاداه يمكنك الحصول علي بيانات خاصة باعداد واعمار والمناطق الجغرافية ومعلومات اخري عن المستخدمين الذين يهتمون بالبحث في هذا الموضوع. وايضا صفحات الفيسبوك الاخري المهتمة بهذا الصدد.

Google Keyword Planner

تتيح لك هذه الاداة الحصول علي بيانات خاصة بحجم البحث في مجال معين او البحث عن كلمة معينة. يمكنك تحديد الموقع الجغرافي واللغة و يمكنك ايضاً استخدام الفلتر لتصفية النتائج والحصول على نتائج افضل

Similar web

وهو موقع متخصص في تحليل المواقع الالكترونية حيث يمكنك من تحليل بيانات خاصة بمواقع المنافسين او المواقع التي تقوم بمتابعتها للاستفادة منها في مجال عملك. حيث يكنك الحصول علي بيانات خاصة بتصنيف الموقع عالميا ومحليا وحجم الدخول الي الموقع والمناطق الجغرافية التي يغطيها وايضا اهتمامات الزائرين.

توجد ايضا ادوات اخري مشهورة يمكن استخدامها في الحصول علي البيانات منها علي سبيل المثال:

Slide share


App stores, reviews

قم بتجربة البحث عن كيفية استخدامها في الحصول علي البيانات واترك تعليقك في حال وجود استفسارات.

Ibrahim Elwishahi2022/01/04

How is Business plan Important to start your business?

Planning is a key factor of success. It helps you identifying your goals and the ways to reach them clearly.

One of the most Important action to start your own business is to create business plan. It shows you the road you should go through to achieve success, it is also your reference that you measure your progress against to take corrective actions when it is necessary. one of important side of business plan it shows you if the data you collected during market research phase is enough for starting your business or you need to gather more information. you should start business plan by descripting your product / service and mention the ways you are going to introduce it. Then you add details of target market to determine the need for your business. Also you should describe you weak and strength points, opportunities and threats in SWOT analysis part. in Management part you demonstrate company structure and needed personnel to run business. then in operation plan you Provides an overview of the company’s physical requirements, such as office space, machinery, labor, supplies, and inventory. Then you come to a very important part which is sales and marketing plan that shows how the company plans to sell its products to the target market. the channels it will use to sell its goods and services. The last part of your plan shows financial requirements and expected revenue, you add funding sources, cost items, expected revenues and some indicators like NPV ( net present value) that shows todays value of future earned money, ROI ( Return on Investment), Payback Period, and breakeven point ( when the revenue equal the cost). you may add other sections to you plan like risk analysis, company mission and vision and executive summary.

The most important part here is to start your business by clearly defining your product / service and how you are going to introduce it, don't jump to sales and marketing part until you define you scope of work clearly and define your tools and requirements to introduce your work.

Ibrahim Elwishahi2022/01/04

 Information remains the most important, but how do we get it?

It is important to be aware of the inside and out in your field of work if you want to succeed in what you do. Whoever has the information has the ability to continue.

Below we list the most important sources and tools that can help you find the information you need about customers and competitors:


You can ask professionals with experience in this field to do research for you and provide the information you need 

There are two types of specialists

1- Companies:

Which you can visit or contact to help get what you need famous firms of this field are:

• Integrity

• Brand vision


• AC Neilson

2- electronic platforms

Which you connect to via the Internet and send a list of the required data. Famous sites in this field are:

• Surveymonkey


• Repucom

Using the Internet (Online Research):

There are many tools that help in collecting data over the Internet, the most famous of which are:

• Facebook Audience Insights

Help you know the interests of Facebook users. For example, if you are looking for information about e-commerce. Once you type it in the tool's search field, you can get data about numbers, ages, geographical distribution, and other information about users who are interested in searching about this topic. As well as other Facebook pages interested in this regard.

• Google Keyword Planner

This tool allows you to obtain data about the search volume of a specific for a specific field. You can specify the geographical location and language, and you can also use the filter to get better results

• Similar web

It is a website specialized in analyzing websites, where you can analyze data of competitors' websites or websites that you follow to benefit from them in your field of work. Where you can obtain data related to the rank of the site globally and locally, the number of visits and engagements to the site, the geographical areas it covers, as well as the interests of visitors.

There are also other popular tools that can be used to obtain data, for example:

• Slide share

• YouTube

• App stores, reviews

Experiment with researching how to use it to obtain data and leave your comment if you have any questions.



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