Ibrahim Elwishahi2022/01/07

Ecommerce, Choose your products, Build your store and Gain money.

Do you want to start a business with a few overheads, few risk and has the ability to be expanded globally? The answer is Ecommerce.

Here we shall illustrate how to start, manage and control success Ecommerce business.

First: Find niches

It is not about selling different brands it is all about customer needs and market capacity. You may sell product that many companies sell, but the market size is enough to gain more and more customers. You can also develop an existing product like making your own (choose popular trends) prints on T-Shirts that you will sell.

Now let’s see how to choose niches that fits customer needs:

Google trends: Find what people searches for via google to know their interests.

Online stores Similar web: write popular stores site names  like amazon and Aliexpress in similar web site and find what people searches sites for in “keyword search traffic” section

Famous online stores browsing: Browse Famous online stores and find top selling goods

Kickstarter: you can find ideas of startup and niches Some good niches are Portable storages. Women Accessories, children mechanic games.

<Startengine.com: you can find ideas of goods to trade

Wish.com: find what customers wish and sort by popularity  

Second: Build Your Online Store

There are two ways to build your online store

A. Buy domain

There are famous domain providers you can use to buy your own domain and choose the domain name related to your brand.




After getting your own domain, start creating your own online store with one of the below methods:

WordPress: a software for sites design, it is easy to learn and use and has the feature to create online store.

Woo commerce: open-source Ecommerce platform built on WordPress. Get started now.

Store template: some of domain providers has readymade store templates like go daddy, but this will cost you extra fees.

B. Subscribe to storefront platform

Storefront platforms are platforms that offers users a storefront with full functionality on their sites. Popular storefronts are Shopify – bigcommerce.com – oberlo.com. These storefronts will allow you to have your online store easily and quickly without effort or experience in sites design but they require monthly fees and users don’t always have full control over the look and functionality of their site.

Third: Find and source Your Product

You can find sources for your products via the below methods:

Search internet for wholesale suppliers

Search for local Physical Supplier

Drop shipping: you make a deal with another online store owner to market and sell his products on you store and when you receive an order he ships it to customer and you collect the money from buyer then give him the price of product after deducting your profit value.One of the famous drop shippers is Qanawat.

Online arbitrage: You search stores for products that has offers and discounts then buy it and sell it over another platform with higher price.

Forth: Create Your Own brand

Branding is a very large topic that needs separate blog, but I shall give you hint related to Ecommerce business. Search for Private label suppliers that manufacture products and put your logo on it. a famous one is Alibaba.com

Fifth: Gain Traffic

Let’s start with Free Traffic methods

Social media Be in Groups and Forums related to your niche, share with comments, create relations and share your site link. Also use Instagram hashtags

Pinterest: it is a visual platform, add idea with images. create account and add your product ideas with link to your site. Add your site links

SEO: Optimize searches for your site Search for usually used keywords related to your site.

Create content suitable to search engines.

Create useful content to get higher site ranks.

Now let’s go to Paid Traffic methods.

PPC pay per click Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and Qoura.

Banner Ads: you pay for 1000 views sign up for an account. Add your website, proper tags and details before you submit it then add banner zone. One of the famous banner ads sites is buysellads.com.

Blogs:  you can write an article then referee to your site. www.guestposts.ocm is a common practice among bloggers. It involves writing and publishing an article on someone else's website or blog with a reference link to your own website. 

Affiliate marketing:

Solo ads: you deal with guys who has big email lists. Then you submit your product links to them, UDIMI is a famous Solo Add site.



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